The Poisoned Chalice Of Controlled Herd Immunity

Exploring the Efficacy of a Controversial Idea

Having “Crushed The Curve”, Australia is in a Unique Position To Tackle The Virus. The Nation Can Choose Its Course Of Action

Is it possible to slowly infect young, healthy individuals in a controlled and safe manner, and help lift the country out of a Depression?

New daily cases are decreasing & the majority of cases have spread from known sources, meaning asymptomatic spread to at-risk people is currently low — Source:
In New South Wales, it was the second wave of the Spanish flu that killed the most people. This was the same across much of the world — Source: Dr Kevin McCracken

The world can either lockdown for 18 months and watch the economy disintegrate or slowly lessen restrictions as more people recover and immunity rises. Why not speed this up?

Sweden’s death rate continues to accelerate as the government dismisses lockdown as a risk mitigation option


The purpose of “flattening the curve” is to reduce strain on medical resources and allow time to increase medical resources. — Source: TwistedSifter
Age Distribution Of Coronavirus Cases In Korea — Source: Statista³


Image Source: NetClipArt


Source: CNN

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