I think you have misunderstood my article (which will be reposted soon). I am not saying we should “humans can intermingle and share the same space” as Nature. I am saying by definition we have no choice. A city is still natural and part of nature. Skyscrapers are made from natural chemicals mined from nature and reacted according to the Natural laws of physics. The air we breathe, the energy we consume, the water we drink is of Nature. To think that humans can somehow live in isolation from the natural world is absurd. To quote William Cronon talking about a “wilderness” without humans — To do so is merely to take to a logical extreme the paradox that was built into wilderness from the beginning: if nature dies because we enter it, then the only way to save nature is to kill ourselves. The absurdity of this proposition flows from the underlying dualism it expresses.”

Thinking Out Loud

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