The COVID Free Nation Has High Standards, Unrealistic Exceptions and Not Enough Good Vaccines

It was over a year ago that worlds eyes were drawn to Australia as the air filled with smoke and chocked the lungs of its inhabitants. Months later its inhabitants donned masks for another reason as COVID-19 reached her shores. Thanks to a mix of luck, geography, good policy, and soul-crushing lockdowns Australia as a whole has effectively enjoyed a COVID free year.

In some cases, Australia has become a victim of its success. Draconian measures are being implemented at the drop of a hat, drastically impacting personal freedoms and the economy. Currently, 6 million Victorians are locked in their…

A Covid-19 Lesson For A Future We Can’t Avoid

“At the highest level of authority, we will probably retain human figureheads, who will give the illusion that the algorithms are only advisors and the ultimate authority is still in human hands… Within a couple of decades, politicians might find themselves choosing from a menu written by AI” — Yuval Noah Harari (2018)

“one of the most comprehensive modelling exercises that we have ever seen in the state, arguably nationally, and a piece of work that has international significance as well…You can’t argue with this sort of data, you can’t argue…

How Google Leverages Trust To Influence The Public & Make Money

Google is the gatekeeper of what is true in our society. For anyone in need of convincing, just consider how many arguments have only been resolved after somebody “googles it”.

Today all Australians were greeted with an ominous warning on googles front page. The warning was not of a natural disaster or impending doom but an advertisement in disguise on behalf of Google itself.

In response to Government regulation, Google drafted a media response containing misinformation that the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has since refuted here. The purpose of this release was to leverage its position as the…

Corporate Survival Now Means Corporate Socialism

As the world's Governments clammer to deal with an inevitable pandemic shock, the money printers have been sent into overdrive. Seemingly from nowhere, great companies are now teetering on the brink of collapse. Only a month ago, these companies were rolling in the sweet seas of cash and record stock market valuations. Now, amour propre be gone, their feeble hands are reaching out like Indian beggar’s on the streets of New Delhi, asking for nourishment to survive as the world collapses around them. Deja vu?

This week Virgin Australia entered a trading halt due to speculation that it may receive…

Exploring the Efficacy of a Controversial Idea

Having “Crushed The Curve”, Australia is in a Unique Position To Tackle The Virus. The Nation Can Choose Its Course Of Action

It was only a month ago when I was casually discussing the Coronavirus with an acquaintance who works as a GP and they said something that surprised me.

“In a few months time, immunity to the disease will be the greatest asset anyone could have, those still locked inside will see their friends who have recovered, out in the world and wish they had gotten the virus earlier. For young people like yourself, there is no risk in getting it earlier…”

Countries around the world are discussing antibody tests that will allow the recovered to get back to work¹. What…

The Trade-Off Between Prosperity & Health Need Not Be So Stark

Today millions of businesses, from hairdressers to airlines are living a previously unthinkable reality. But as the initial outbreak of coronavirus is coming under control, eyes around the world are looking to the future. To a world in limbo, a world no longer threatened by an uncontrolled outbreak, but also a world without a vaccine, a cure or a clear path forward.

Do more deaths and infections now mean more movement, money and parties later? Will New York have enough immunity for life to go back to normal? Let's use a basic SIR model and find out.

Hypothetical second outbreak overlayed on the official IHME model — Source: NPR

To improve the…

There Is No Rule Saying The Second Outbreak Has To Be Smaller Than The First. Just Ask The Spanish Flu

Common knowledge says if you want to know what going to happen in the future, just look at the markets. With regards to the COVID-19 epidemic, the markets have a good track record. They reacted earlier and more swiftly than the world’s politicians. Recently is has bounced back. Can it be trusted?

Remarkably, the market now sits only 3% lower than it was in June and a full 10% higher than it was only 18 months ago. The traders with the crystal ball are suggesting things will soon get back to normal. History suggests otherwise.

Traders have reason to be…

A Philosophy of Climate Activism

The vastness of northern Australia is as intoxicating as it is barren. Thousands of kilometers of red sand, eucalyptus, and desert grass stretch beyond the horizon. Amongst the snakes, sunburnt trees and scorched riverbeds, rejected utes and four-wheel drives litter the landscape. Old skeletons, stripped for scrap metal lie sizzling in the sun until they rust the same color as the sand they sit in. Deep, earthy red.

Indigenous Painting Of The East McDonald Ranges — Courtesy of Therese Ryder

As a young boy traveling in this other-worldly landscape, I was struck by the local disrespect for their environment. Leaving broken down cars to rot in the wilderness was not acceptable where…


Thinking Out Loud

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